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Next Generation Standard Segmented Display Cells

May 10th, 2008 · No Comments

E Ink® Corporation announced its next generation segmented display cells (SDC). The SDC products are simple digit, icon and alpha-numeric displays, similar to the display for the latest keychain model above. The new technology offering exceptional readability in a paper-thin form factor that uses minimal battery power. The new SDCs are 40% thinner with a wider operational temperature range and increased flexibility for repetitive 3-D bends or 2-D conformable solutions.

Segmented display cells (SDC) offering wide range applications including display on consumer electronics, PC-accessory, display smartcards, capacity indicators, electronic shelf labels, signage and communications applications. The SDC displays use the same E Ink Vizplex™ technology that is shipping in popular electronic book devices such as the Amazon Kindle, SONY Reader and iRex iLiad.

The advantage of SDC over regular LCD is that SDC platform provides viewable angle of nearly 180° and can be viewed under a variety of lighting conditions from direct sun to low-level ambient light. E Ink’s Vizplex based electronic paper solutions are bistable, reflective displays which enable the image to remain for over a year with zero power.

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