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Nokia 603, Smartphone with Symbian Belle OS

November 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

Nokia 603, Smartphone with Symbian Belle OS

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Lately, an expansion of smartphone vendors from Japan and Korea are bombarding smartphone consumers all over the world with their new and innovative products. Hence, the smartphone vendors from Europe as a predecessor in the smartphone market get a trouble to markets their products. But we still can’t delete Nokia from this smartphone market. Even there is a lot of smartphone vendor now with their adorable products, Nokia still have a sense to be a market leader in smartphone market. After the rumors that they will release a cheap Symbian phone, Nokia release their new smartphones. To make their targets come true, Nokia will release 10 new smartphone. And still with their loyal operating system, Symbian.  First of all, they launch four smartphone such as nokia500, nokia600, nokia700, and Nokia701.

Furthermore, there is another six smartphone from Nokia that will be released. Currently, Nokia is preparing to launch its latest handset.  That is Nokia 603 or abbreviated as N63, which planned to be introduced on October26-27 at the Nokia World evention London. From the information obtained on their official site, they are very confident with their target that this new gadget will smash world smartphone market. This gadget supported by a great features that are very qualified such as a 1GHz processor. In addition, there is a5-megapixel camera with the latest auto focus technology. You can capture every important moment of your activity. For consumers who need a very quickly connection, don’t have to worry because the penta band come equipped with a 14.4 Mbps HSDPA network and the NFC. The design of the glimpse of this smartphone looks similar with the N500, but apparently there is a difference in the capacity of the battery and larger screen sizes. Of all the facilities and features that exist in the N603 series, we will think the price for this smartphone will be very high, but don’t worry because Nokia ensure that the price will be very affordable, so we’ll wait.

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