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Nokia C2-03: Marvelous Slidephone for Marvelous Brand

August 13th, 2011 · No Comments

Nokia C2-03: Marvelous Slidephone

You can try Nokia C2-03 for sure when you need a brand new type of slide phone. All of you must have been familiar with the slide phone. This type of phone has been in the market for years and its demand is increasing from time to time. By the way, have you ever been thinking about the first designer of the slide phone? Perhaps, you have not ever been thinking about the designer at all.

The first designer of such phone is Nokia. Whether you realize this fact or you do not, this company is the one that has invented the slide phone. Now, the design has been imitated by the other cellphone companies. Anyway, let’s get deeper with Nokia C2-03. It is a feature phone with 900 and 1900 GSM technology. The ultimate offer of this phone is the 2-slot multiple SIM cards feature. Definitely, you may put on two chips altogether and you can use both numbers in the same time. Next to this ultimate offer is the following: 2 MP camera; music player, video record and playback, radio; internet browser; SMS, MMS and threaded messaging; Bluetooth and USB connectivity. In spite of the ultimate offer, still this phone has limited phonebook memory (1000 numbers). In addition, we can’t receive two calls for two different chips in the same time.

This is all that we can provide you in the meantime. Even though it is pretty short, we hope that you have more than you need. For those who would like to afford Nokia C2-03, you just need to wait until the third quarter of 2011.

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