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Two Passionate iPod Touch Games for You

November 11th, 2010 · No Comments

If you’re an iPod touch user, you might be interested in these two games.

Silent Hill – The Escape

Just the same as the predecessor, this game is offering a quiet, gloomy and full of suspense game. Imagine yourself being lost in a dark strange town, where your sight is limited with fog around you, and suddenly come across the strange-looking and bloody enemies. Sounds scary? Well, you should try this game to feel that horror experience. Plus, the music and the background sound are quite good, making your heart beat faster and you might jump off from your chair a couple of times. But the navigation control is bad. It’s so difficult to control the movement. Bad gun aim means you’re going to die, so…I won’t recommend it.

Texting of the Bread

It’s a spinoff from the House of the Dead, which is quite cute and entertaining. Can you imagine gingerbread cookies becoming zombie? They make such cute zombies. And instead of shooting them in order to kill them, you need to type the words required. So if you’re a bad typist, it’s likely you’re going to die soon. The graphics are good. The zombies come out with various looks and challenges. Sounds and music are also great. When playing this game you won’t feel terrified. Instead, you’ll smile a lot. This is one game that I like and recommend to play.

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