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PS3 eSATA Extender: Is it real?

February 4th, 2009 · No Comments

For those of you die-hard fans of PS3 surely know what it means by bigger storage capacity. The bigger the hard disk can store games, the better it becomes. There are lots of way to do this. You can simply swap in a new internal 2.5″ SATA into the system, or even just hook up any old USB hard drive with little hassle. However, speed becomes a problem. So, when rumors has it that a new device dubbed “PS3 HD Plus PHE-01″ is going to be around, it sounds like a miracle. With an eSATA, both transfeer speed and storage capacity won’t become a problem.

With eSATA it means:

*Ability to use any size HDD (Western Digital & Seagate just announced 2TB Internal HDD’s, which means we’ll see 2TB Externals with eSATA ports)
*Faster 3.5″ HDD (2.5″ aren’t that fast)
*The new eSATA drive can be formatted to NTSF (Which means no more limitation on file character length, and file size… For example: No need to split up your MKV Files into 4GB)… Currently internal PS3 HDD’s are formatted to NTSF, compared to USB drives that are formatted to FAT32 (yuck)

Not to mention the four USB port it has. However, many have been skeptical about weather it will runs or not. Evenworse, nobodyknows where to buy it. Darn!

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