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PSP Phone Concept of Sony Ericsson

May 11th, 2009 · No Comments

sony ericsson

Since some months ago, we have heard the rumors regarding Sony Ericsson’s plan to launch Playstation phone. So, this time after passing several months, we still want to know where that rumor ends. Lets us show a little about the rumor.

Said Hideki Komiyama as Sony Ericsson CEO to Financial Times that there is still a possibility for the popular manufacture to produce the Playstation phone in future time. But, we can not confirm this statement because until this time both Sony as well as Sony Ericsson have not announced the plan for their Playstation phone production.

However, it seems that we can hope on this. We can see the Sony Ericsson patent submission as well as its concept art regarding Playstation phone below. So, we would like to seek further info on this.

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