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Push Firefox to run much faster

October 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Firefox 3 is already quick to browse the Internet but you still have possibility to tweak it’s configuration in order to get a faster performance of the firefox 3. There are several configuration of Firefox 3 that effectively improving the browsing speed. You can do it manually by changing about:config parameter of Firefox 3 and also you can a firefox add-on that has been developed to maximize firefox’s internet browsing speed.

For manual about:config tweak you can follow step-by-step tutorial of about:config tweaking and restart the firefox. You should notice the browsing speed improvement immediately.

The next step is downloading Fasterfox Lite is Fasterfox without prefetching. The option is not available in the add-on’s interface. It does however come with the same set of options to speed up web browsing. It provides access to four presets and one custom setting.

The four presets range from default, which simply uses the standard Firefox settings, over optimized to turbo charged. The speed difference is visually noticeable. A timer can be enabled which displays the page loading time in the Firefox status bar. A right-click on the time provides access to clearing the Firefox Cache which is essential for testing purposes and to the options of the add-on to change the preset.

The Custom Preset adds five new tabs to the program’s interface that allow custom settings for speed related parameters in Firefox. The user can change cache, connections, pipelining and rendering options etc.

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