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Ramadhan Pocket Guide for Blackberry

August 16th, 2010 · No Comments

As the holy month Ramadhan for Moslems is coming, Veelabs launched Blackberry application that useful during the Ramadhan for Blackberry users in Indonesia. It is called Ramadhan Pocket Guide for Blackberry Smartphone. Veelabs is local developer that provides mobile application. This application provides update information regarding Islamic fasting and prayer schedule as well as Adzan reminder, so that users might not passed the prayer time. All the schedules are suited with your location through Global Positioning System.

Since it is designed for Indonesian users, the application default language is Bahasa Indonesia. With Adzan reminder, we will get notification alert for each prayer time. Regarding prayer time, it also has countdown timer for every prayer time schedule, which keep you alerted whenever you have not done the prayer. You can choose the notification alert, such as ribbon, icon, Adzan or vibration. This application is very user friendly and easy to use. One of other benefits is the size of this application is quite small capacity. It makes you can get fast access and loading as well as your memory space saved. This application also does not consume a lot power so that your battery will remain longer. And as social network grows, you can share information regarding this application directly through email, Facebook and Twitter.

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