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Reliable And Affordable Hosting

February 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Did you ever imagine running your website on a server that NEVER failed like those big player uses to keep their heavy load website running all time?. Do you believe that now it is possible for you to have such server reliability with AFFORDABLE price ?

Yes now you can have a very high server performance but with less price. With MULTIPLE SERVER CLUSTER technology provided by Hostorix you can sleep well while your website received thousands of page loads every day. This HIGH PERFORMANCE yet affordable server has FailSafe technology in order to:

  • Maximizing server performance
  • Reducing downtime almost to zero if there is some hardware malfunction in the server

Clustered FailSafe technology on Hostorix server farm is actively distributing server load throughout all server to burst server performance even on highest load. All user data were mirrored to multiple server at all time so it will automatically load the same data in case of hardware error on one server. Active load balancer features is keeping your server cool during traffic peak time.


Read further information about Hostorix here

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