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Replacing iPod Battery

August 4th, 2007 · 2 Comments

ipod battery

Finally my iPod mini battery’s ability to hold an electrical charge has diminished. It’s only able to play less than ~10 minutes after I plug off the charger. I’ve ask on the local apple store about the cost of iPod battery replacement and they give an astronomic price $59, plus $6.95 if you use shipping.

Then I search information about replacement battery for iPod mini and I found the fact that the battery replacement kit is actually only cost less than $ 20 and it included the tool for the replacement. The only problem for me was finding the right tutorial of how to replace iPod mini 1st generation. I must admit that to do the surgery on my iPod seems scary, even though it’s actually a pretty simple procedure. I found a tutorial on youtube which give me clear explanation to replace the battery in safe procedure.

It took me around 10 minute to make sure I open the casing really carefully without leaving any scratch. I am not technician but I did it in less than one hour without having any problems. Apparently it was less expensive than using the similar service from authorized apple service provider and now I really get a lot more play time and nice experience.

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