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RIM and Carriers Dispute over NFC Payment Chip

March 25th, 2011 · No Comments

RIM and Carriers Dispute over NFC Payment Chip

With the advancement of technologies, now a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are setting up the technology of mobile payment. The idea of mobile payment is to allow any kinds of mobile phones be used as payment means and method. By simply waving or making the phone closer to automatic machine, these people are able to complete any payment or simply paying their bills. The brain behind this technology is the NFC chip that allows the futuristic payment to be possible.

But now the problem is the ongoing battle between RIM and carriers, where the carriers don’t want themselves to be the continuous losers. All these years, the carriers working together with mobile phone manufacturers often allow users download their applications without receiving any proper compensation and they’re tired of it. They’ve felt exploited and they want it to end. The carriers want any important payment data and information be to stored and kept within the SIM cards, but RIM want the data stored within the phone. And the dispute keeps going on. It seems that the RIM will – once again – win the battle because users prefer using this way to being tied down by the carriers’ contract. I guess, let’s see who wins later.

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