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Robot Camera for Pet Market

May 25th, 2010 · 1 Comment

For pet owner or pet shop owner, this kind of robot may be a consideration. Guys at SoftBank have came with the robot in Mimamori line up that presents a remote control robot cameras. This robot will be able to run in your room in cat’s or dog’s view. This robot can shoot 640 x 480 stills or 176 x 144 video.

It is the description. You can log in to this robot thru you cell phone then control it around your room. When doing this, you can take some shoots or pics then send those images to you as MMS once you find something adorable or special around its journey.

The robot will be launched in September in Japan. The available colors are round and white (like screenshot, the Mimamori Z001) and also silver but not as round as the first (Mimamori Z002). The details are not so complete right now.

At least you get the idea…

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