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Roku 2XS, Small but has big function as Media Box Streaming

October 26th, 2011 · No Comments

Roku 2XS, Small but has big function as Media Box Streaming

Roku 2 XS Media Box

Media Box streaming, Roku 2XS 2011, comes with a very small size. This gadget offers a lot of Internet Video and Audio services. Some channels applied to this gadget are Netflix, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Chanel added from previous versions are the Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, Crackle and Pandora. For this version there are also games that are added, the Angry Birds. Unfortunately, only this game can be played on the Roku 2XS.

In addition, the Roku 2XS is equipped Bluetooth remote as navigation buttons that can also be used as a game controller. Lack of support Roku DLNZ 2XS is not that mean it can not access streamingm edia from a PCnetwork. Additionally, a USB file supportis limited, only a few supported formats. Roku 2XS is equipped 802.11n Wi-Fi standards and there is a MicroSD slot behind the gadget. There is also a composite break out AV cable(3.5mm yellow/ red/white). It supports these gadgets to stream media on your TV old model not only on HDTV. Roku supports video formats MP4(H.264) video, AAC and MP3 audio, JPEG and PNG photos.
To make your account settings at Roku 2XS, you are required to go through the internet(not on a TV screen) and activate your account on its official website Roku. You will be asked for information the data yourself and your credit card. In this activation, there will be no charge from Roku, unless you want to buy games or pay channels.
For those of you who want a media streaming box with the price of under $100, Roku can be the right choice. With an elegant slim shape makes this gadget interesting to see. Capabilities of the Roku 2XS is no less powerful than its competitors, AppleTV.

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