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Seagate Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus Hard Disk Drive

February 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Seagate Technology was announced new product lineup of its hard disk drives Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus. The next generation of Maxtor OneTouch has key features to backup data,to synchronize and to protect data using encryption.

The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus which able to back up, reboots and recovers the entire contents of your PC’s hard drive in case of system crash, arrived with two models i.e Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 3.5-inch HDD and Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 2.5-inch HDD.

Maxtor offering data capacity up to 750 GB with 2 levels of security and Firewire 400/USB 2.0 interface for Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus. For the “Mini” Maxtor offering capacities up to 160GB with USB 2.0 interface. Both Hard Disk Drive model has 5 years guarantee.



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