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The Secure Way to Delete Application on Your BlackBerry

August 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment

In a row with BlackBerry which more and more popular, a lot of applications born to this most wanted gadget, besides iPhone. So many applications with a lot of use, not able to hold up the desire of BlackBerry user to download and install it to their BlackBerry. They try all the applications on their BlackBerry. Begin with browser application, messenger, push e-mail, feed reader, game and even GPS application..

Unfortunately, there were so many applications on your BlackBerry (even you do not need it any more), can make your BlackBerry perform not optimum. So you have to delete the application that you do not to play or use anymore. But watch out, how the best and secure way to delete an application on BlackBerry. Do not make your BlackBerry broken cause of your mistake when delete an application.

Research In Motion (RIM) explain the best way to delete an application on BlackBerry. The following are:

1. Open Options, then click Applications.
2. If you use BlackBerry Device Software version 4.1 or the newer, open Options, then click Advance Options > Applications
3. All the applications that installed on your BlackBerry are shown here. Choose the application that you want to delete..
4. After choosing it, back to the previous menu, the click Delete
5. Restart your BlackBerry if necessary.

Now you can delete your an need applications with the best and secure way. So your BlackBerry can run or work more optimum and well.

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