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Seocontest2008 chill out

February 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

seocontest2008 still half way to go before the event organizer deciding the winner. But seeing a nice progress from the contest participant that I support has brought satisfaction.


Yesterday was kinda busy day for me. I have to run test on several new script on different server configuration. At the same time, I have to help my brother when his blog got defaced by a looser hacker.

But all of my works seems got paid off when I see the current standing position of the only easy things. Yes it reach top ten position after two days ago it was on position #99. Nice jump.

Anyway, the competition still goes on, and all contest participant are keep working on their web. The Only Easy Thing should keeping his pace on optimum effort otherwise he will lose the great momentum to reach the top position.

Good luck to you all seocontest2008 participants

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