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Simple but Useful Applications for Nokia

November 8th, 2010 · No Comments

If you’re a Nokia user, there’re several applications that might interest you. You can get them from the Ovi stores available around you.

1. Easy Reject
Applicable for call and SMS spam. Do you often get unwanted text or unimportant call in the middle of something important? Well, here’s your best solution. You can simply reject the unwanted call or filter your messages. You can also keep your SMS in a separate box, so you can read them later.

2. Smart Guard

Have you ever lent your phone to someone, but at the same time you’re afraid that he’s might be peeking into your secret documents? Well, no need to worry anymore! Smart Guard protects your private information on the internal memory card and also on the memory card. Those information can only be seen by the passcode holder. So, from now on you can keep your personal data, business information, and secrets in a very safe way.

3. SMS Timer

Have you ever forgotten to send a happy birthday wish to your friend? Have you ever sent a message to your friend in different time zone so it reached him in such inappropriate hours? You should try SMS Timer then. You can schedule your SMS or MMS messages so they will be sent on future date and time. You can also send the messages to multiple recipients.

4. My Ringtone

It allows you to create your own unique ringtone, in case you want something different. Believe me, you won’t get bored when you have this application at hand.

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