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Slight Fallback of HTC Android-based System’s Touch Sensor

March 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

As many smartphone manufacturers join the competition to design more attractive smartphones, many other improve the handset’s capability with astonishing features and abilities. One commercial phone manufacturer that gives magnificent work is HTC. HTC takes Android operating system onboard for the latest models. HTC is one Android smartphone exemplified that picks ClearPad 2000 sensor to be integrated into all of its Android-based phones.

Speaking of HTC, this smartphone has been utilizing the ClearPad 2000 capacitive touchscreen sensor since 2007.In details; ClearPad 2000 enables the special ‘two-finger interaction and gestures’ like pinch zoom and pivot rotate. The tasks are so far run pretty well especially during the operation of the browser, gallery, and maps with the Pinch zoom. However, the problems start to appear when developers try to use complex two-finger movements in third party gaming applications.

The issue comes with the rumor that Nexus One suffers from several drawbacks related to its multitouch capability. Speaking of ClearPad 2000, it is reported that the ClearPad 2000 used in Nexus One is able to perform well ability in handling multitouch functionality, Google Maps application, and gallery. However, the drawback appears when the third party developers’ game is installed and complex motions are applied. It is said that the device shows the lack of its multitouch ability that it cannot keep up with the moves.

In summary, Android-based smartphone users have now figured out that Nexus One as well as most HTC Android phones signals the problem dealing with hardware limitations. The major problems appeared mostly regarding the impossibility of two-finger gaming application. This is caused by the inability of the two-finger gaming to be performed through HTC learning the hardware this phone is using. Certainly, most of Android smartphone enthusiasts expect the brighter future for Android-based smartphone in the future.

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