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Snow Leopard with integrated antivirus

September 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Today almost all the users of computer have got one problem. That is virus and malware attack. As we are becoming more engaged in online activities and networking there is more chance of being vulnerable to these attacks.

One interesting news circulating all over the net from some online sources, states that Apple’s new Snow Leopard is expected to be available soon. It contains a code that enables protection against Malware.

One picture explains this better which is also obtained by online sources. The pic shows that Snow Leopard gives alert while downloading DMG on safari which is scanned by the OS and found “RSPlug.A” Trojan. System shows a message to eject disk image to prevent it from damage.

Should Apple step into this field? Here question arises, how frequently antivirus will be updated and how comprehensive this protection will be. Time will tell but one thing for sure that Apple may get lot of market share because of their update in their OS features and ability.

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