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Social Networking Application for Blackberry

July 29th, 2010 · No Comments

For those of you Blackberry users who frequently access social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, you can try a social networking application for Blackberry. These are social networking applications that can be used on your Blackberry:

1. Facebook For Blackberry
For those of you who like to access Facebook on your Blackberry, it never hurts to use a Blackberry app on this one.
2. ITookThisOnMyPhone
ITookThisOnMyPhone is a social networking application that have similar features with Myspace. This application allows you to upload your photo collection.
3. MySpace
Myspace Blackberry version is almost the same as the PC version. Many features will you get in it.
4. Snap2Twitter
When taking a picture, you can upload images directly on your twitter profile, and add some text when using this application.
5. UberTwitter
UberTwitter is a popular Twitter client for Blackberry. By using this application, you can run existing features on Twitter.
6. Visible Vote Mobile
By using the Visible Vote Mobile, you can assess each photo or video that has been uploaded with another user.
7. Xenozu
Xenozu are applications that can run YouTube on BlackBerry.
8. Yatca
Yatca is a Twitter client application that is simpler when compared with UberTwitter.

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