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Sony will Announce Firmware Update of 3D PS3 Blu-ray Playback in September

July 14th, 2010 · 1 Comment

The technology of 3D display has been known for some time. This technology is characterized by 3D glasses. After the success of Avatar 3D this technology has put under the spotlight. And now every projector or TV manufacture seems to release their newest 3D projector or 3DTV.

Of course these 3D capable TVs or projectors need 3D glasses but other than it, they are sold in high prices. This is due to those early premium display technology.

Then the fact is that there is many 3D capable projectors and televisions are found on the market than 3D contents.

One of those TV channels like ESPN has announced their 3D program. Certain shows will be broadcasted in 3D such as sports, as well as a number of 3D Blu-rays. Of course this is still not much.

Fortunately, many 3D adopters will change this. Sony for example, has touted 3D gaming in their Playstation 3 (some games at E3). This is not enough, as Sony’s Blu-rays format becomes one of those best medium for 3D content. This is because its large storage capability.

Finally, Sony has announced their firmware update for Playstation 3 in upcoming September. Now the home game console will capable of rendering 3d Blu-rays. This update also allows PS3 to render 3D broadcast, 3D images from 3D YouTube video or PlayTV.

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