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Sony Dash Can Be Used Worldwide

July 11th, 2010 · No Comments

Have you noticed Sony Dash? the most advanced alarm clock today from Sony now has been available for you wherever you are. As long as you are be able to import this device from USA, you will find it work anywhere. This is a good news for Sony Dash owner, as previously this alarm clock only worked in USA region, as the company had prevented it for outside USA usage.

Now, if you are travelling anywhere outside USA, Sony Dash will work for you. The restriction has been lifted. But, there is a warn from Sony: “many providers automatically geo-filter their content so your experience with your Dash may vary depending on your location.”

This device, Dash Personal Internet Viewer had received many feedbacks from the consumers. They asked Dash to work outside USA. The feedback also can be found at Sony Style’s product reviews and Facebook.

Well, finally the Dash team had heard the feedback and now Dash can be brought everywhere. However, the apps and services may vary by region.

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