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Sony Ericsson’s ActiveSync Feature

January 16th, 2011 · No Comments

Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® is a feature that allows you to synchronize your phone with your email, contacts, and even your calendar using wireless connection. Sounds cool and handy huh? Well, the Xperia line from Sony Ericsson has offered the feature to help the users manage their activities and work life. You could share your images, music, videos, application, and work documents from your computer to your phone, and vice versa. The exchange can be done through USB cable, infrared, or Bluetooth connection.

The ActiveSync – sometimes several people refer it as Exchange ActiveSync – was first released in 2002 with the version of ActiveSync 1.0. Today, the ActiveSync version has been up to 14.1, released in 2008. The various versions are made to meet the requirements for safe protocols, server implementation, and patent system.

The reason why Sony has included ActiveSync as one of the mobile feature is because the company understands the need to have back-up data, in case anything goes south. The process for transferring and sharing don’t need to be complicated and difficult, that’s why they decided to have the ActiveSync feature installed on the company’s device. It seems that consumers go along with the company’s plan, since the feature does help them a lot.

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