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SONY PRS-700 The Digital Reader

October 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Recently Sony announced a new digital reader the Sony PRS-700 that has the best performance comparing to their previous digital reader release. The Digital reader PRS-700 has the dimensions of a slim paperback book and weighs a very portable 10 ounces. It adopting a 6-inch touchscreen that allows you flip pages. This new model also adds LED reading lights on the sides of the screen to improve readability in a darkened place. The battery life is enough to power for more than eight hours, and storage should top out at around 350 books. The PRS-700 has a card slots for SD and Memory Stick Duo cards and you can transfer pdf documents and even music files to the Reader using a software bundled with this reader. There are also a plans for a wireless application to get news on the go and generally expand the 700’s functionality.

Crave’s review of Sony PRS-700 readers writes:

the new Reader has expanded built-in memory (up to 350 books) while retaining its Memory Stick Duo slot. It’s zippier, too–when you turn a page, the e-ink on the screen refreshes faster (we were told the PRS-700 has a faster processor than the earlier PRS-505, but we’re waiting to confirm what the processor is). the PRS700 is definitely a step forward for Sony in the digital-reader arena. If ever there was device that would benefit from the switch to touch-screen navigation, it’s an e-book reader. You can swipe your finger across the display to page forward or back (you can choose between a left or right swipe to advance pages in the settings menu). Swiping and holding your finger down at the end of the swipe allows you to advance or rewind through pages at a fast clip.

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