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Steering Wheel to Play on iPod Touch and iPhone

August 10th, 2009 · No Comments

You can feel the real experience of driving a car on your iPhone and iPod Touch

Technology has been trying to give us the real life experience during playing our games on digital devices by involving our all senses into a game like hearing, seeing and now sensations and motions to enhance our experience of playing games on iPod and iPhones .

You can now control with precession and most anticipation your virtual car, bike or virtual skiing using real life steering motions to feel the real life experience while playing your iPod or iPhones. This innovation needs lot of thinking and researches because this could be difficult for a person to hold a steering with iPod fixed in middle of it for a long time. So for this problem they have found a brilliant solution that works like a stand and sticks on the table by suction, it is adjustable for minor height settings.

The package contains of adapters for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2G. The price is not announced yet, but experts predict it can be around $20-$30.

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