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Super Mini and Slim USB Optical Mouse

July 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Although most of notebook has built with trackpad or touchpad as the pointing device replacing mouse that was ordinary pointing device, but a lot of notebook users still choose mouse than touchpad or trackpad. Moreover, they use notebook for long time and do their work with notebook. They prefer using mouse.

Sure for notebook user, they need the mini and slim mouse. Because the big mouse is not match with notebook. The big mouse usually used in the PC desktop at their home. So they want the mini and slim mouse to help them in finishing their job or browsing the internet at the Wi-Fi hot spot.

A mouse which has mini and slim size can fill up the user notebook requirements who prefer using mouse. They do not think the mouse that has high specification, but the mini and slim size mouse is better. Because the mini and slim mouse is not take room in the table.

And there is a brand new mini and slim USB optical mouse. This brand new optical mouse has very slim and mini size, just 45 x 64 x 14 mm. So mini and slim right. When you touch it, you will feel comfortable and easy to use it. This slim mouse has only 28 gram weight. You can roll it easily. But his mini and slim size is not make this mouse bad. It has 1.800 dpi mouse sensitivity. You have to pay US $13 to get this mouse.

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