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Surfing Internet Anonymously

March 21st, 2007 · No Comments

Surfing on the Internet sometimes could disclose your real identity easily. When this issue comes to your privacy and confidential data, then surfing on the Internet will be unpleasant.

One popular way to keep you anonymous is using proxy server to hide your real IP during surfing and avoiding traffic analyzer, but many free users feels it is unpractical to keep checking available proxy server before they can use it, since free proxy server is always up and down irregularly.

Fortunately there is a way out for this problem. You can use Torpark to keep you anonymous on the Internet. This is free software provided by Torrify privacy services. This service relies on wide range of machines which runs Tor Anonymous Proxy and creates virtual tunnel. Unlike it’s bare bone version of Tor, Torpark is bundled with Firefox Browser (they released new update following browser update from Firefox) and you can use directly after unzipping. You don’t even need to install and configure it, just unzip and run.

Torpark Features Include:

  • 0 ~ 40 Kbps
  • Anonymized Surfing
  • NEW Update Notifier
  • Tor Network Access
  • Open Source
  • Preconfigured
  • USB Portable
  • Totally Free

If you need even more reliable service with higher data transfer speed from Torrify you can opt their premium service starting from $10 / month or $30 / month. But at the moment I am pleased with their free service performance.

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