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Tactile Feedback Keyboard by Apple

December 29th, 2009 · No Comments

There are Apple tablet rumors out there, but something other seems to be uncovered. An Apple’s innovation has been patented namely “Keystroke Tactility Arrangement on a Smooth Touch Surface”. That name means a dynamic surface that changes based on how users interacts. There is a physical change on screen surface to keep the smoothness on it while users point and swipe just like on iPhone. It also be used to get some bumps or ridges. There are no bumps when users just point their screen then bumps will appear once they type on the screen.

There is also another app from Apple as their patent namely “Multipoint Touch Surface Controller”. It offers multi-touch system that gives more flexibility. Like what that patent has said:

While virtually all commercially available touch screen based systems available today provide single point detection only and have limited resolution and speed, other products available today are able to detect multiple touch points. Unfortunately, these products only work on opaque surfaces because of the circuitry that must be placed behind the electrode structure.

It looks like that the opaque surface can get better accuracy and speed when its limitations have been removed. Take for instance is more detections on contact points. What Apple will offer, the multi touch technology that better and the unique surface that be able to react based on how users use it, may become the progress in touch screen world today.

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