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The Importance of a Sitemap on Gatzet Info

May 13th, 2007 · No Comments

Today I just moved a link to my sitemap page from footer section to the header section because it has many advantages of a sitemap to be in header section of this Blog. A sitemap is often considered redundant in the course of establishing a Web site. But redundant is not bad when it can help your website to survive on the Internet competition. This article is about the importance to have a well built sitemap.

Navigation purposes

A sitemap acts literally as a map of your site. It could help your visitors a lot. If your visitors reviews your site and loses themselves between the thousands of pages of your site, they can always refer to your sitemap to see where they are, and to direct by your pages without any confusions.

Conveying your site’s theme

When your visitors reviewing your sitemap, they will obtain the essence of your site in a very short period of time. There is not no need to read by each of page just to obtain the “grand design” of your site, and while making this you will save the time of your visitors.

Site optimization purposes

What you actually do with a sitemap ? You creates only one page which contains links to each page on your site. To imagine how the robots of Search Engine hit this page — they will follow each link on the sitemap and naturally they will include each page of your site on their index! For an indexing purpose it’s necessary that the sitemap must be placed on the plane page of your Web site

Organization and relevance

A sitemap allows you to have preview of your structure of site, and whenever you add the new contents or the new sections, you will be able to just take into account the existing hierarchy by referring to the sitemap. Consequently, you will have a site perfectly organized with very easy navigation structure.

From the above reasons, it is most important to implement a sitemap for website projects with a considerable size. Through this way, you will be able to keep your website become easily accessible and neatly organized for everyone. Fortunately for WordPress Blog engine there is an automatic sitemap creator plugin. It will re-create your sitemap each time you add a new post on your Blog. The plugin is Google (XML) Sitemaps and this blog has been its fanatic user.

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