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Tiny refrigerator for PC cooling system

July 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

Todays PC and home appliances emits notably heat which could measurably shortened the live of those electronic component for long run. Normally we use a heat spreader and cooling fan attached on the CPU or power supply in order to cope with the heat problem. The more power on our PC the hotter it become and we need more fans to be added. However it has drawback,those fans produces noise.

We can use liquid cooling system which is much quiet than ordinary fan. But recently there is some innovation to improve the fan cooler capability. We can use a tiny refrigerator instead.

“Traditionally, you use a fan to blow air on a chip — room temperature air,” said Garimella from Purdue University. “If I could push chilled air onto the chip, then I get a lot more cooling.” The devices are designed to dramatically increase the amount of heat that can be removed from a computer.

The system pumps refrigerants through tiny compressors and tubing. The technology could be integrated into a microprocessor, or it could replace a computer’s traditional air-cooled heat sink.

The new cooling technique will probably be used first in gaming systems and then in high-end laptops, Garimella projected.

VIA ComputerWorld

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