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The Top 4 BlackBerry Apps that Stored Freely

February 9th, 2010 · No Comments

Last year, 2009, we had shaken by the smart phone war. There are lots of smart phones launched last year that cheering up the smart phone market. BlackBerry is one of the phenomenal smart phones last year. Every body knows BlackBerry. And even hold BlackBerry on hand becomes a new trend.

In a row with it is succeed, BlackBerry also has lot of application which can make our BlackBerry more useful and interesting. There are the charge and the free one. And here are top 5 BlackBerry apps in 2010 that we can download freely.

1. BlackBerry App World

You must have this useful app. Because BlackBerry App World can make you connect with all BlackBerry apps that available on internet.. You can search the apps just in BlackBerry App World, you don’t need to open webs which are offer BlackBerry apps. This app also make you keep your BlackBerry connect with your social networking account, games and others.

2. Qik

This app helps us to stream video to the web. And Qik app has been connected with some social networking sites, like Twitter and YouTube. It is good for you that like to take and watch video.

3. Foursquare

Foursquare is BlackBerry application that’s like social networking website. But this app has some different with other social networking websites. Foursquare can identify your location through its GPS technology.

4. Flixster Movies

This application helps you to keep in touch with new movie trailers with its reviews and others. Flixster Movies app also allows you to watch high quality video.

There are top 4 Blackberry apps in 2010 that stored freely. Make your BlackBerry more useful and interesting.

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