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Toshiba LED PCI 24 Inch, Beautiful LED TV

November 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Toshiba LED PCI 24 Inch, Beautiful LED TV

Toshiba LED TV 24 inch

One of the leading Japanese electronics manufacturer, Toshiba, recently launch their new product, namely24-inch LEDPCI. This LED TVs have its advantages as the world’s first LED TV that has a battery that can be charged or rechargeable. Toshiba’s LED TV output has a dimension:578x 408×55;(W xHxD) without Stand, and 578×455 x195 with Stand.  The weight (net) with its Stand is 5.6 kg.

This LED TV has a thin design and simple as well. With that form, this LED TV is very futuristic and also has an elegant character.  This TV also equipped with a high quality features, such as a sophisticated processor and also the Meta Brain Premium video engine, which able to produce sharp and clear image with adorable quality. Furthermore, this Toshiba LEDTV consumes just 39 Watt for its power. It is very efficient for this high quality LED TV. In addition, the users can use Toshiba LEDTV for 2 hours from this gadget get unplugged after fully charged.

Another advantage of this LEDTV is able to amplify weak signals because its Auto Signal Booster from Toshiba that included in this TV.That means, the users don’t have to be bothered by the worse picture quality due to the weak signals. And you don’t have to correct the position of the antenna to make the picture good, this feature can find the good signal by itself. Besides that, this TV also equipped with the Auto View feature, which can set the brightness of the image by itself suited to the brightness in the room.In addition, Auto View makes this LED TV consumes less power and has a positive impact for the environment according to green action against global warming. A very amazing features that Toshiba made for this LED TV. But unfortunately, the price of this LED TV have not been stated by Toshiba.

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