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Twitbit and Mosquito, two interesting iPod apps

November 10th, 2010 · No Comments

If you’re one of the fans and users of iPod Touch, the following applications might attract your attention.

1. Twitbit v2.8.2

If you’re a fan of Tweeter, then it’s the right application for you. It provides push notification to alert you whenever there’re new messages. It’s a very simple application because that’s the purpose of this application from the first place. Twitbiz provides the following features:

* ability to view your and other’s profile
* you can have multiple accounts
* upload pictures
* ability to start or stop becoming followers
* have landscape keyboard for typing and directing messages
* ability to email or tweet pages from the browser
* save searches so you don’t have to go through them again
* save timeline position and restore it the next time you start
* view trends that’s happening at present, weekly, or daily

2. Anti Mosquito 3.1

It’s an application that’s save to be used by children because it protects their hearing. It must be used in sleeping more and keep on working although your device is locked. To use it you need an external speaker.

* It offers fluctuation mode

When it’s activated it will adjust the level of the volume.

* It offers kid-safe mode

When it’s turned on, it will get rid of the high pitch frequency, the irritating part.

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