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Universal Phone Charger for has been Approved by ITU

October 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Finally ITU or International Telecommunication Union has approved the universal phone charger. Working for many handsets, this universal charger utilizes microSD port for connection to your phone. This way the users can charge their phones on their PC through wall socket. Using accessories and single universal cable, this universal charger can be used on your car.

However, this phone charger is not a compulsory for the companies, they can adapt it or not. This is really a good idea to adapt this technology as there are a lot of old chargers have been thrown away once the owners change their handset to a new one.

This phone charger is energy efficient and it has high rating on it. So it can also reduce the greenhouse emission up to 13.6m tones annually. The idea for giving discount to customers who don’t purchase the new charger in time they buy the new phone is also nice.

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