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Using Google On SMS

December 5th, 2007 · No Comments

Google latest innovation is a traveler best friend if you know how to use it. It called GOOGLE SMS, the service allows any cell phone user with text message capable phone to receive a wealth of useful information in seconds all without going online.

The number to know is 466453 which spells GOOGLE on most phones. to use the service for local listings, send a message to the number indicating the postal code of your current location and the type of listing you’re loking for, such as movie theater or sushi.

You’ll receive a message back with the address and phone numbers of listing closest to your location. for flight information, text your flight number along with the airline’s code and you’ll receive a message confirming the scheduled departure time and informing you of any delays. information is also available for local weather, language translations and driving directions.

The service is free, you pay only what your phone company charges for a text message. for more information and a demo visit

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