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Whizzball! For iPhone

November 18th, 2010 · No Comments

WhizzBall! For iPhone, the Community of the main 3D game puzzle is an entertaining and challenging game. Discovery Kids online games found 10 years ago, is now available for iPhone.

This game uses a combination of the drop channel, rollers, springs, tubes, boxing gloves, slingshots, and UFOs to get the ball to its final destination. Let the play and find his way. Use your brain to exercise by solving riddles and puzzles officially developed by your friends and global WhizzBall! Community – it is very addictive!

Do you prefer to build a puzzle or solving puzzles, WhizzBall! Will be examine the brain and your creativity and you will enjoy it.

Some features Whizzball you can find:
• Solve puzzles to earn points
• Unlock get after you solve the puzzle Official
• Play puzzle society created by players around the world and you will get a placement in the global leader board
• Being one of the best puzzle builder and see if you put in 100 builders Top
• Build a profile and see how you rank
• Keep track of your puzzle rankings published
• Challenge your friends to solve the puzzle you through Facebook and Twitter
• Play 3D field and background change

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