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Why you should host with Bluehost?

January 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I remembered while searching for a server to host my sites including Gatzet.Info. I read up the reviews in digitalpoint forum and many other webmaster forums, searching any valuable hints here and there in order to find a reliable webhosting company with a budget plan. Finally I short listed down to only 2 potential candidates.

Bluehost Hosting


  • unlimited domain addon
  • 600gb storage
  • 6000gb bandwidth
  • USD 7,95/Month


  • unlimited domain addon
  • 1.500gb storage
  • 15.000gb bandwidth
  • USD 6,95/Month

Obviously, Bluehost become my choice to host my sites because of it’s price. Its USD 1 cheaper than Hostgator so I could save 12 bucks a year. Not only the price made me chose Bluehost, it has also the latest version of cpanel interface which allow me to compress and uncompress files on the server. The same feature on Hostgator only allow me to uncompress file but not compressing particular folder on the server.

Then when I was stumbled to the blog of Bluehost’s CEO and read his recent post I’m convinced of the reliability of Bluehost.

And so I sign up. Upon payment via Paypal (I like using paypal everywhere), the account is activated quickly. Even if you don’t have a domain yet, you still can access your server box using particular IP. Otherwise you can get one free domain included in your server plan.

Hence, for value and reliability, I highly recommend Bluehost.

Sign up and get a free domain name (with Domain Privacy).

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2 comments for this entry ↓

  • 1 Crazy Penguin // Jan 26, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Bluehost Reliable?

    Are we talking about the same company?

    Bluehost Blues!

  • 2 Bryan // Jun 6, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    We’ve been with Bluehost for over a year now, and I’ve had accounts with them dating back 3 years. At first Bluehost was a fairly responsive and quality host, however those days are long gone. As it began to grow it fell apart? Especially in customer service, which Bluehost fails so miserably at, they don’t even have a customer service department. You end up dealing with their hit or miss tech support or sales, which love you when you sign up, see you as a burden there after. They’re the kind of company that leaves you for 30 minutes on hold if you call looking for someone to talk to that even remotely cares that their mistakes and poor management cost you money. Particular mistakes include unannounced changes to the backend hosting software which rendered the site unusable for over a week, frequent slowdown or flat out downtime and failure to notify us of payment for essential services that crippled the site and sent customers elsewhere. They can send me a dozen emails through out the year trying to trick me into renewing my domains through them, however they fail to properly notify us that one of the entire accounts was up for renewal and shut it down until the issue was straightened out.

    It sounds like a bad case of poor management and excessive cost-cutting.

    If you have a cheap website that isn’t reliant on backend scripting, or uptime, then Bluehost is for you. It’s cheap and has all the basic features, with a few frills as well. Otherwise, don’t say you haven’t been warned. In our case we have easily lost more money tenfold than it would have cost to get a superior hosting service.

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