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Wii Fit Home Exercise Game from Nintendo

June 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Nintendo Co Ltd will launch its new game called “Wii Fit plus” that lets user to compete with others (such as friends, family and colleagues) over the internet for their weigh loss program as well as other activities. The Wii Fit presents a balance board (with shoulder width size) that gives you sense of posture shift. Not sure how it works, but you can use this tool for monitoring your weight besides you can get various games and exercises. Said Nikkei that the Wii Fit features more precise measurement, so people can get the accurate data of their health.

According to Nikkei business daily in its Sunday report, this home exercise game will be launched in coming autumn following the sluggish sales of their Wii console. Of course, using this balance board game, your weight loss program will be more interesting and competitive.

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