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WildCharge Wireless Charging PowerDisc

August 13th, 2009 · No Comments

When WildCharge stepped into the market this “Odd” or innovative gadget created a waves in the market and people were hoping that this company will launch actual wireless charging in near future. After many years of their 1st release they are yet to produce a wireless solution for the users as expected.

This latest product “ WildCharge PowerDisk” that is almost unexplainable how complicated it is and impractical.

How it works

This charging consists of a little disc on a loop plus the connector that helps to join your portable device to this disc. Then set your disc on the Wildcharge , here you go …. Complicated?

They have actually divided it into four parts such as PowerDisc ,Connector cable,Charging Pad and the adapter.


This device does not solve any problem of users to charge it wirelessly but instead it gives more complications and headache to charge your device by involving 4 different components instead of one “Charger”.

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