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X-Power1 USB Rechargeable battery for charging Phones

August 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Forget about low battery problems in your iPhone and iPod! No need for extra batteries.

Recharge your iPhone, iPod while travelling or out door with simple device X-Power1 with built-in rechargeable battery that comes in form of USB charging cord that charges itself while you charge your device.

Now you can carry extra battery with you in your USB Cord which enables you to use your iPhone or iPod for approximately extra 4.5 hours (Talk Time) on 3G version, on 2G iPhone 9 hours and 5.4 hours added Wi-Fi time.

It is simple but innovative and effective solution of battery problem, it is just like an USB cord for your iPod, iPhone but there is an additional battery compartment in the middle which contains of AAA rechargeable battery X-Power1 charges during the time you charge your iPhone, iPod and reserves extra supply for your device when needed … just have to plug it in and charge.

Price $29.95
Size 6-20-30-inches
Type also in retractable cord format

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